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Taylor Quotes
"We're different people, we've grown, we've changed."
"I don't see anyone right now. No steady girlfriend."
"I don't want dating to be superficial."
"You see this really cute girl in the audience and you know there's no way you could approach her because of who you are."
"You have to take what you are now and make the best album you can."
"They go, that's the ugliest woman I've ever seen!"-On people mistaking him for a girl.
"We're not doing this cause we want girls to scream at us. But girls can scream at us if they want"
"I think we're normal, I mean what guy doesn't like girls?"
"I think life is more nerve racking than performing infront of people"
"Everything changes"
"Listen to the music it will speak for itself"
"If you are nervous, you don't act like the natural you"
"I am the same person I was five minutes ago when nobody cared and that's the truth."
"It's always nice to be able to come back somewhere that's home. Even though New York and LA and all those different places are cool, I think Oklahoma is family."
"No one can unplug me!"
"You have to love the screaming girls."
"We love reading the mail!"
"Music was unavoidable in our house."
"You have to know what you want and keep going for it."
"It`s my favorite crayon."
"Success can't go to your head."
"You have to have fun with it."
"Our family's ethnic background is Danish. That explains our love for lego!"
"You have to like yourself before you can do anything!"
"Girls, and girls, and girls!"
"Hey, you guys..."
"They're the Beatles! Compared to them, we're ladybugs!"