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Isaac's Quotes

"As you can see, Zac gets a little carried away." *Isaac*

"We're interested in doing movies." *Isaac*

"I'm about to be shot 150 feet up in the air. I feel queasy!" *Isaac*

"Once we got the instruments, we realized this was what we were going to do. We wanted to make our own music, not just sing it, but play it." *Isaac*

"Just like styles change, music changes." *Isaac*

"We love to make music, we love doing what we're doing. We love where we are and we want to keep doing that in our lives." *Isaac*

"We always have enjoyed music, and our parents thought it was cool." *Isaac*

"We don't want to be the next Partridge Family." *Isaac*

"The nice thing about England, is that they actually speak English." *Isaac*

"Whenever we perform, we always see people dancing in the aisles. It's nice to see people having a good time and enjoying your music." *Isaac*

"Actually, we were at a concert one time and this guy stage dove and ended up with a wedgie. It was a really bad on actually. You could tell from like, sixty rows back." *Isaac*

"I could go to juvie instead of real prison." *Isaac*

"We bring a journal with us all the time. We write down everything that's going on." *Isaac*

"I missed out on getting dumped by about 10 million girls. Getting beat up by bullies. Peer pressure." *Isaac* (talking about not going to public school)

"Brunetts are like, really cool" *Ike* (sent in by Nicole)

"I didn't know you threw it in a fountain!!" *Ike* (Sent by Babes93354)

"Whether we sell a million records or whether we sell one record, our parents and our brothers and sisters are always going to be there for us, and also we're always going to be there for each other, and we're always going to be doing this." *Isaac*

"Taylor's very good at being sneaky" *Isaac*

"Our grades are always good. By traveling all over the world, we learn a hell of a lot more than people stuck at home with their heads in a book" *Isaac*

"Zac orders us around more than we do - he's behind the drums and everything and he can control us....what we do." *Isaac*

"...okay, sorry. I'm retarded." *Isaac*

"Tay, you need to blow your nose!" *Isaac*

"We're always around each other, even when we don't have to be" *Isaac*

"I used to be the goofiest and then Zac just kind of took over" *Isaac*

"When we performed in Indonesia, we stopped and let the audience sing, and they knew the lyrics word for word. That's amazing." *Isaac*

"The fans are cool, but when there are a lot of them they get a bit excited and it can be a bit scary." *Isaac*

"That is Rock'n'Roll, the other stuff is... other stuff" *Ike* (sent in by Gina)

"We're not a young band, we're just a band that happens to be young!" *Ike* (sent in by Roc)

"Look What You've Done To The Lad" *Isaac* (showing the rip in Tay's shirt caused by fans)

"There's enough stuff to get down about. Music is a way to get away from things." *Ike*

"Well,she's tall, she's got blond hair blue eyes, she's just.....ohhh ya. Actually, she's about 3 months and her name is Zoe" *Isaac*

"...Frankly, I don't give a rip" *Isaac* -talking about the people who don't like Hanson-

"we're not a young band, we're a band who just happen to be young" *Isaac*

"most 17-year-olds probably don't get on so well with their 12-year-old brother - it's just some kid" *Isaac*

"It wasn't quite MMMMMMBop or MMBop, it was a little bit in the middle. 3 m's and a bop just looked good" *Isaac*

"Why do you use you first name and not your middle name?" *Isaac*

" wasn't too bad, but the food was really boring. It was little fish cakes and we just wanted chips and hot dogs." *Isaac* (talking about a showbiz party they were at)

"I think I was given a card by them but nothing else. See what I mean? We're not that flash!" *Isaac* (talking about what Tay and Zac gave him for his 17th birthday)

"We try to write to people who send us stuff, but when we do, and say thank you, they send us more!" *Isaac*

"Everyone thinks we have butlers and maids but that's just not true! We have to do the dishes and vacuum the carpet and all that stuff." *Isaac*

"Am I? Wow that's cool. I didn't know about it!" *Isaac* (when asked about the rumour that he was dating a fan)