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Isaac's Page
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Full Name: Clarke Isaac Hanson

Birthday: November 17,1980


Stage name: Isaac (I read he doesn't use Clarke because it sounds too much like Superman.)

Position in band: Plays piano and acoustic & rhythm guitar; sings lead on "A Minute
Without You," "At Christmas," "Run Rudolph Run," "Little St. Nick," "More than
Anything," "Rain falling down," "Soldier," "Pictures," "Two Tears," "Surely as the Sun," as well as other tracks; back-up singer on all other songs
What his name says about him: Pleasant, easy-going, responsible, affectionate, versatile, original, independent, impatient, ambitious, aggressive, self-confident, sensitive, intuitive, appreciates change and travel, expresses himself through writing, self-conscious, has leadership-ability, very creative, quick, analytical, and clever.

What the Stars Say About Him: Private, quiet, passionate, loyal, hypersensitive, sexy, controlling, jealous, possessive

Accidents: He sprained his ankle when he fell out of a plum tree and tried to land on his feet

Fave song on Middle of Nowhere album: "Yearbook"

Fave cuisine: Mexican

Fave Movie: "Star Wars"

Favorite Actors: Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford

Favorite Comic Strip: Peanuts

If he was stuck on a desert island with but three items, he'd want them to be: His guitar, his journal/poetry book, and a knife (cheeky :D)

Ike's dream duet would be with...: Sheryl Crow or Lauryn Hill